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About this website

This version of Mr Gregory's book has not yet been converted into text, so the site is not searchable in the normal way. We have pictures of his pages, rather than the text, and this makes pages load more slowly than we would like.

To make navigation simple the chapter index is a scrollable list and there is a previous/next page bar.

The photographs in the original book have no particular relationship to the chapters that they accompany, so they have been gathered together into a separate menu. They load more quickly than the text pages, in contrast to most web sites!

The site also contains a section explaining how the book has been copied and processed into this form, which may perhaps be of interest to digital photographers or web developers.

How the book was copied

As the book is nearly 100 years old it was important to treat it with respect and in particular to avoid damaging the binding. Rather than using a flatbed scanner, which would also have been a very slow process, I used a digital camera and a home-made copying stand.

The copying stand is made from a cheap 3-shelf pine unit, two halogen security lights, some foam and the glass from an A3 picture frame. Including a switch and some wiring, the total cost was still under £25.

The quality achieved depends on three things - the camera (a Fuji FinePics 2800, which has very good optics, a digital viewfinder and a 6x optical zoom), the copying stand, which needs to provide an accurate register and a picture plane perpendicular to the camera axis, and the lighting - this is where corner-cutting proved a mistake, as the lights chosen were two 150w halogen floods intended for outdoor lighting. The light was quite yellow and the combined 300w was not bright enough to illuminate the image as well as would have been ideal.

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