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The Story of Mr Gregory


by Margaret E. Taylor

(From the booklet published by The Eltham Society, copyright 1977, by kind permission of the author.)

Any student of Eltham history has reason to be grateful to the author of "The Story of Royal Eltham", published in 1909 and never superseded as a popular introduction to the town's past. Many old gentlemen, Eltham's elderly residents, also have cause to be grateful to Richard Robert Castell Gregory who supervised their education at Roper Street School until his retirement in 1920. This article attempts to summarise his life.

Taken in the garden of 4, Wellington Road (Wythfield Road) in about 1915. R.R.C. Gregory with his wife, sons, daughter-in-law and grand-daughters. Photo by courtesy of Mrs Moir Hexham.

Mr R.R.C. Gregory was a man to whom families were important. He was "large-hearted, sympathetic and fatherly". He was born in Brightwell, near Wallingford, Berkshire, in 1855. Richard Gregory, his father, was a shepherd. Castell was his mother's maiden name. His parents lived in Brightwell until their deaths in 1893 and 1891 respectively. Richard Gregory dealt with the arrangements in both cases.

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