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At Roper Street

His Headmastership of Eltham National School 1901-1920 was equally successful. In his first notes on the arrangement of the school he commented that the children's knowledge of History was poor. On 8th October 1901 he found, in the depths of a cupboard, the Admission Register for the school in 1814. This formed the inspiration of his teaching of Local history, now frequently found in school curricula but then an innovation. Inspectors were not free with praise but of Eltham School they wrote...

"The school work is, as usual, conducted on most intelligent and up-to-date lines."
"The school impresses me as thoroughly wholesome and truly educational in its methods" (1905).
"The Headmaster directs the work with sympathy and he has striven to maintain the more helpful characteristics of a village school, more especially in regard to the old customs and associations. The school is in touch with the homes of the children and a helpful interest has been taken in their after careers There is a very good tone in the school. A wise and kindly administration has secured the co-operation of the staff and the regard of the children."(1914).

Mr. R.R.C. Gregory and his teaching staff, taken at the front of Eltham National School (Eltham C of E School, Roper Street) in about 1920. Photo: Mrs Moir Hexham

Attendance at a Royal Garden Party in 1913 gave official recognition to his wide service to Education. The tributes to Mr Gregory's work recorded in the local press at the time of his retirement testify equally to the honour in which he was held by all. The retirement gift of a silver inkstand is a reminder of another segment of his full life .... writing.

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