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In the Community

The contents of Mr Gregory's prolific writing show him to be, by nature, a gregarious participator, with a strong sense of responsibility to his community. He was active in promoting the the development of the Cottage Hospital, erecting the War Memorial, encouraging the use of the library and parks and encouraging high standards in the entertainment offered at the Parish Hall (Eltham Little Theatre). He supported education in its widest sense of people of all ages using the literary, scientific, artistic and recreational facilities available to them, and campaigning for greater provision where this was needed. He was a member of the council of the Woolwich Antiquarian Society.

R.RC. Gregory's political and religious views are also discernible from his copious published writings, his actions and life-style. He served as Churchwarden of Eltham Parish Church, 1904 to 1910. He was an individualistic independent English patriot, without being at all eccentric. For the Peace Celebrations on 1902 he wrote "Hail King of Many Nations" ....

"O happy is the Homeland, her children round her stand.

The peoples of her wide domains unite in heart and land.

The loyal song triumphant across the world has gone

The burden of the mighty strain - One Empire and one throne."

He was justly proud when he learned that 7,000 children assembled in Malta had actually sung this song to King Edward VI!.

As any teacher should, he avoided party political debate but comments on the election of Will Crooks, Woolwich's first Labour M.P. by "John Quill" are favourable. R.R.C. Gregory detested snobbery. Equally he detested irreligious radical revolutionaries. He was in favour of people although always aware of human failings and idiosyncracies. His humour was often pedantic, laboured and pedagogic but it was always there.

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