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His Last days

Richard Robert Castell Gregory died on July 27th 1927 in Hexham, Northumberland, near his son's home and while on holiday there. The body was returned to Eltham for burial in his wife's grave in Eltham Churchyard. The grave is a simple one, as he would have wished, with no mention of the many things he did with his 73 years of life. His life was one of generous service to children, to the congregation of Eltham Church, to the people of his home towns, to Education, History and Literature. His influence is still felt as an inspiration to the Eltham Society, founded nearly 40 years after his death. "So much has been said of his love for Eltham that Eltham must be written on his heart". And, as he himself wrote on his retirement

"So pass our years - even as a tale that is told."
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