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Mr Gregory included over 10 double-columned, closely-spaced, text index pages. Although it has not yet proved possible to convert the body of the book back to text instead of page images, the index adds so much value that it was worth the effort to copy-type it and add it to the site.

Rather than just duplicating the original pages the website adds a keyword index to Mr Gregory's original. To find the entries for any keyword first select the keyword range from the menu on the left, which will load the keyword index page, and then scroll the page to display the entry. Each keyword has one or more entries from the original index and a list of page numbers.

Click on a page number to go to the selected page. Every term from the original index is included, even where these are duplicates such as "Great Hall" and "Hall, Great".

For information about how the index was built, go to the About this Project section.

Current status

All the index entries have been entered and made into menu pages. If you notice any errors, please email with details, to:

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