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Black-boy Cottage
Black-boy Cottage Southend (from a watercolour)
Court Yard with elm tree
Gate and old lodge at Eltham Park entrance
Mausoleum, Mottingham
Old Toll Gate on Lee Road
Park Farm Place (abt 1785)
Pound Place
Ram Alley (High Street)
Severndroog Castle
Severndroog Castle print
Site of London and SW Bank
Sundial, Barn House
Sundial, Southend House
The Iron Gateway (Todman's Nursery)
The Ivy Cottage
The old barn, Park Farm
The old Conduit near Holy Trinity
The old dwellings in the Court Yard
The Old Forge
The old Lock-up
West Lodge and Gate, Avery Hill
Local views Palace Schools etc Well Hall

Plate 68 : Severndroog Castle print

Plate 68 : Severndroog Castle print
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